FDF is always looking for partner groups outside of Denmark to do exchange visits (Roundabouts) with!

FDF aims at strengthening international cooperation, friendship across borders and the exchange of knowledge. Further, FDF strives to achieve its aim by participating in various international activities and sending participants to leader training courses such as EasterCourse, EuroForum, and EuroContact. It is, however, also important for FDF to support international work at a local level and initiate exchanges between local FDF groups and our international partners.

Finding a friendship group
If you are interested in an exchange with a local FDF group, please write a little about your group (age group, size, type of activities) and what kind of exchange you are interested in, e.g.:

– participating in an FDF summer camp and/or having members of FDF attend your summer camp

– a friendship group to host you at the National Camp of FDF in 2016 (shared campsite)

– a group to invite to activities in your organization

We look forward to hearing from you, welcoming you to Denmark, introducing you to FDF activities, and experiencing your organization, activities and future friendship.