CrossCulture describes the international work within FDF. Children, youth and leaders have the possibility to experience the many aspects of foreign cultures through either smaller or more extensive CrossCulture activities.

CrossCulture is about being curious, open-minded and respectful towards differences. To be confronted with differences and similarities will make you start to wonder and can set the course for a greater intercultural understanding.

The possibilities for CrossCulture activities are very wide and doing exchanges with different organisations give us the possibilities to inspire each other. You can also find ideas or inspiration for activities on this website and on the front page you will always find current information about international activities in FDF, as well as offers from other organisations from the whole world. Furthermore, you will find contact details to connect you with organisations from all around the world.

If you have any questions, would like to know more about the international work of FDF or would like to initiate an activity, please contact the international committee of FDF by emailing

Why do we do international youth work?
The international work has always been a part of FDF. But why do we concentrate on doing international work? This has its origins within the basic values of FDF which highlight that we, as God’s creations, are connected to and have a responsibility for other people and the world we live in. We can take this responsibility seriously through the attempt to learn more about and understand different cultures. All people are valuable in His eyes, therefore we should respect each other.