Ta’ til Schweiz og oplev Jublalejr

FDFs partnerorganisation i Schweiz, Jubla holder til sommer en stor regional lejr, her kan I komme med og får en ny og spændende lejroplevelse. Se mere herunder;
From July 14 to 21, 2018 Jubla is organising a big regional camp (Kala) with around 3000 participants. Many local groups are going to be camping in the same area in the east of Switzerland. While they do some activities on their own, they also get together on the central camp ground several times for big activities.
As it is a lot of work to organise such a big event, they are looking for helpers.
Why would it be interesting to come to the Kala?
You can learn about how Jubla logistically organises big events.
You can see how Jubla organises big games and activities.
You can learn about how Jubla builds their camp infrastructure with military tarps 🙂
Practical information:
You have to bring your own tent.
You will be fed and watered.
You have to pay for your own travel expenses to get to the camp.
There are different areas for the helpers:
Food: cook for the helpers and visitors, handing out food and drink during activities on the main camp ground, managing stock, working in the bistro
Entertainment and activities: help with workshops, during „big points“ with all the participants, look after the „playground“
Safety and prevention: first aiders, coordination, patrols on all the camp grounds etc (maybe not ideal if you don’t speak German)
Infrastructure: construction, maintenance, managing all the materials, trash heroes, cleaning the toilets etc on the main camp ground, deconstruction 🙂
Administration: coordinating all the helpers
Bar: serve drinks in the leader bar in the evenings
The full list can be found here (in German):
Interested? Get in touch with Bettina from the international committee of Jubla (duerr.bettina@gmail.com) by June 1, 2018.