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Berlin City Challenge

The relaunch of the City Challenge was in response to the lockdowns and a lack of international offers for FDFers in 2021

We had 32 teams made up with 160 participants from Denmark and Belgium. The winning team was "De DIAloogjes" from Chiro Belgium. 

A larger planning team of 22 was put together to make this happen.

From the 5th to 7th November 2021, 160 young people met in Berlin with teams from different countries begin the series of City Challenges. They arrived Friday night and settled into their hostels. They needed to make sure they had the app "What 3 words" as that was used to direct them around the city.


Saturday morning they met in an unassuming park where 


teamwork, logic, flexibility, agility and communication skills. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that this competition can be easily won by your vast experience. There are challenges that will defy what you know, and think is possible in Barcelona. One thing you will not need is luck! Nothing is down to luck! Its purely down to your performance, skill navigating the city and cohesion as a team.

No matter the result, you will return to your home with a new adventure to tell everyone of, and you will have experiences and ideas that you can utilize at home. You will meet new people and get friendships crossing cultures and borders.

Each edition of the City Challenge is vasty different from the last, so just because you have been to Berlin or Amsterdam city challenge, it does not mean you know what will happen in Barcelona. We have a new planning team who will learn from the experiences in Berlin and Amsterdam to make this the best city challenge yet!

The Small Print


It is not possible to sign up for this event.

Project leader: Adric Constantinou-Etheredge


This event is created by FDF CrossCulture

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