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Easter / Euro Course 23

A week with 70 young people from all over Europe to create new games that reflect the values of the organisations.

Are you an FDFer thats too old for Senior Course?

Want to take
that Easter experience to the next level?

Are you ready for a week in Denmark, translating your organisations aims into games that can be played by children and youth?


This course will gather 4 young people from your organisation who will explore the stated aims and objectives of their organisation… whether that is giving children and youth a platform to meet the world, instilling values of “like to see”, justice and inwardness, or advancing Christ’s kingdom.


They take this mission and create fun new games that explore and communicate these values.


We do this in an international environment with 70 young people from all over Europe and experienced trainers including experts from FDF’s play committee.


We will shoot teaser videos of these games and release them on the organisations and your social media platforms to spread them through your organisation.

We arrive on the 1st April 2023 to Copenhagen, and the first evening get to know each other in a chilled environment. After sleeping overnight in FDF’s city centre headquarters we hear from FDF’s experts in the play committee who create and distribute games all the time.


After lunch we get a bus for 3 hours and go to the north of the island of Langeland. We will spend most of the course here in an FDF training centre sandwiched between the beach and the forest.


The last night we will spend back in Copenhagen celebrating our success, visit Tivoli gardens amusement park, just 200m from our accommodation in the FDF city centre HQ.


We all depart on the 9th April from Copenhagen.

When arranging transport, you should arrive and depart to Copenhagen. Arrive and depart anytime on the first and last day. 

Are you ready to get loaded up with hundreds of new games, contacts across Europe and friends? 

FDF’s two European networks will be at the course together, so we will have elements from FIMCAPs Europe’s EuroCourse and European Fellowship’s Easter Course.


Therefore this will be an ecumenical course and each participating organisation will be expected to contribute, creating something for the other participants.


The means you as a participant will contribute to the program.

Having 70 young people from different organisations presents an exciting opportunity to share what makes your organisation special and to share games and activities that work well in your local groups. Add the trainers and facilitators, and you have a huge collection of experiences that you can learn from and take home with you.


You can widely circulate the new games and activities in your organisation as another way of teaching members about the values of the organisation.


The Small Print


Registration is closed for this event.

Sign up through your youth organisation. Member organisations of FIMCAP and European Fellowship are each offered 4 places. You can download all this information in a leaflet here.

The course runs from 1st April to 9th April (the first and last day are considered travel days). All participants pay a €25 participation fee and will receive a full travel refund* to Copenhagen.

*Conditions apply. It must be the cheapest reasonable route and purchased in good time. Travel refunds will be arranged during the course.


Participants profile:

All participants are aged 18-25 years old. They can communicate in English and have a passion for creating games / activities for children and youth.

Registration is closed for this event.

FDF only has 4 places to attend this course. The first people to apply will fill the spaces.

If you have more questions, contact the planning team

Apply directly to your own youth organisation.

Member organisations of European Fellowship and FIMCAP:


ÆSKϷ Iceland

AGLT Romania

Atetis Lithuania

Boys' Brigade UK & RoI

Chiro Flanders

Compass Ukraine

Lutheran Church of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

eRko Slovakia

FDF Denmark

FOI Italy

Girls' Brigade Europe

IKE Transylvania

KIE Hungary

KJG Germany

KJÖ Austria

LNK Finland

MCECC Catalonia

Patro Belgium

ZAK Malta

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