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EuroCamp 23

Seniors from around Europe gather to play, exchange experiences, explore a new country and try a camp in a different organisation.

Want to try a senior course in a different country, mixed with a summer camp and a holiday?


FIMCAP Europe have a yearly summer camp in a different European city for 16 - 20 year olds. In 2023 this camp will be held in Brasov, Romania - hosted by the organisation AGLT.

This is comparable to an FDF Senior Course with the theme of sustainability and building a greener Europe together.

Information from AGLT: Get ready for the most epic summer camp experience of a lifetime! EuroCamp is back and this year it's all about making a positive impact on the world while having a blast!

Prepare yourself for a camp like no other as we trade tents for a lovely, cosy house. Get ready for the perfect blend of comfort and adventure in a unique setting that will leave you in awe!

And here's the best part: you will walk away from EuroCamp armed with a playbook filled to the brim with resources. These gems will empower you to spread the message of sustainable development far and wide, right in your own circles. You'll have the tools to educate, inspire and bring about positive change that will shape the future.

We've heard your call for a greener future, and FIMCAP Europe is stepping up to the challenge, embracing the power of the green new deal, we're taking action to reduce resource comsumption and minimise our environmental impact. This is your chance to be a part of something big and make a difference.

The Small Print


Participants profile:

All participants are aged 16-20 years old. They can communicate in English and are open to trying new things, sharing their experience and expertise as a youth leader.

The participants have a passion for nature and sustainability and want to learn more. They are interested in sharing knowledge to children and youth by creating games and activities they can use in their circle after the course. 

FDF has 4 places. Price TBA

Registration deadline: End of June 2023


If you have more questions, contact us the team leader Trine Lundsgaard at  or

This event is hosted by AGLT, Romania.

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