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If you would like to invite international participants to your circle's summer camp, or visit another local groups summer camp in another country, we can help facilitate a connection with a local group in Europe or the wider world through FDFs international networks.

Exchange with an
International local group

FDF is part of 2 global networks of national youth organisations. 

For decades many local groups in FDF have nurtured connections with local groups in other countries. 

There are many advantages to taking advantage of opportunities like this

FDF has a vast network of youth organisations across Europe and the world. 

If you are planning an overseas trip with your FDF circle then we can help connect you with a local group in the area. This upgrades any tourist trip with your circle to a much deeper culture exchange. It could be possible to stay at a local groups circle house, arrange a session where your children and youth exhange games with each other, or maybe the local group would like to show you around their city.

The international forum can help connect you with an international group in another countries. For more information, email 

The Small Print


Participants profile:

FDF circles who are looking for an international experience.

Registration deadline: none

Funding may be available from European Fellowships development fund.


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