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The national camp of LNK, a finnish youth organisation covering children and young people in the congregations of the Finnish Lutheran Church.

FDF is not sending a national team, but circles are welcome to sign up and go to this camp

The camp is a miniature society

Polku-leiri is a tent camp intended for all ages in Keuruu, in Isn's kirjan center, on the shore of beautiful Lake Pohjoisjärvi. The area offers a really nice setting with its grass fields and services.

At camp, everyone depends on the group and the group depends on everyone. The camp is like a miniature society. At the camp, new friendships are built and old ones are strengthened. Working and living together is fun and at the same time you can practice skills that each of us needs in our lives.

Polku-leiri is a discrimination-free area.

You can come to the camp just as you are. With its characteristics, skills, identities, etc., the camp has zero tolerance for bullying. It will be dealt with as soon as it comes up. Everyone has the right to a safe camp and space in the camp. Special attention is paid to this and instructors are trained to notice and intervene if such situations occur.


Polku-leiri is for all ages

Groups of schoolchildren as well as families are welcome to the camp. Camp grandmothers and priests are always needed to create safety and tell stories. You can participate in the camp in a church group, as a family, with grandparents, etc. There is a meaningful activity and adventure in the heart of nature for everyone

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To sign up to this event, contact the organisers directly at their website:


Participants profile:

Participation is open to people of all ages. It is expected that FDFers attending are willing to share their expereinces with camping and fellowship.

Registration deadline Unknown


If you have more questions about the camp, contact Veijo

If you require help or assistance in arranging an international journey and participating in this event,

contact the international forum 

This event is hosted by LNK Finland

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