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London City Challenge 2024

Are you the next project leader for our series of events of city challenges?

The city challenge projects aim to provide an international activity for seniors

Call for project leader: London City Challenge 2024

Are you the next project leader for CityChallenge?

Or maybe you could be two to share the position?


FDF CrossCulture has created a number of City Challenges since 2021 in Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. In 2024 we will travel to London and have partnered with Boys’ Brigade UK (BBUK) to create the latest version of this event.


We are looking for 1 or 2 FDF leader(s) to be the project manager, leading the project together with leaders from BBUK. This opportunity is open to any FDF leader 18 years old or older.


Required skills:

  • Ability to recruit and lead a planning team and organise and chair meetings.

  • Be able to see the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the small details. A high level of delegation skills.

  • Be able to inspire your planning team to deliver an exciting, challenging and engaging program which is specific to London.

  • Able to develop a balanced budget and maintain balanced accounts with financial reporting to FDF standards.

  • The availability to attend Barcelona City Challenge 3rd to 5th November.


Project leaders profile

  • You are 18 or over

  • You are an FDF leader with at least some experience in creating events

  • You are confident and understandable when communicating in English

  • You can gather people, inspiring your team and keep morale high

  • You are organised


Nice to have

  • Some knowledge of London

  • Experience of an international event within an FDF context

We have had very positive experiences in the International Forums work of two people sharing large roles like this, and would welcome two people who know they could work together applying for the role.

If you have questions, contact Sara and Kamilla, the chairs of International Forum 

The Small Print


To answer the open call, send an email to the chairs of the international forum, Sara and Kamilla.

Applicants profile:

All applicants have to be aged 18+ years old. They can communicate in English and are open to helping create opportunities for others. They have some experience leading teams and events.


This event is created by FDF CrossCulture

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