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About CrossCulture

CrossCulture was a brand created for the FDF National Camp 2006 and afterwards the FDF International Committee adopted it as a brand for all international activities in FDF

Who we are:
FDF International Forum

CrossCulture is a brand from the FDF International Forum. The Forum is an umbrella within FDF's national structure. 

The forum oversees various aspects of FDF's international work. This includes managing the CrossCulture brand, representing FDF in various meetings of our international networks, creating the series of City Challenge events, and in general promote international activities and cooperation within FDF.

FDF’s purpose reaches out and commits us to others than ourselves. Through our ambition, we relate to other people and we are obliged to take responsibility for the world in which we live.


The International forum’s goal is to strengthen the meeting with people from other cultures and give FDF members the opportunity to meet diversity in all its forms. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. By doing this, we enrich our members with a greater understanding of the world around us.

How does the forum and international work contribute to FDF?

In direct line with FDF’s strategy, the international forum works with the central goal of giving more children and young people a foundation from which to meet the world. The forum serves as a portal through which FDF members can meet children and young people from other cultures through relationships, dialogue and discovering the common ground across cultures.


These international opportunities provide some extra spice to FDF members experiences in the organisation. It is sometimes referred to as the icing on top of the FDF cake.


Goals for the International Forum:

  • To facilitate the participation of various local groups, regions and national organisation in international experiences. To coordinate FDF’s international work abroad in our partner and umbrella organisations, as well as through activities at home in Denmark.

  • To strengthen the cooperation with our partner organisations in order to share experiences, knowledge and challenges which can provide inspiration throughout the entire organisation.

  • To create a forum where FDFers can contribute on many different levels within the international work of FDF.


A large part of the forums work consists of taking an active part in FDF’s network and creating fertile ground for the exchange of ideas, experiences, activities and events.


The International forum therefore has a strong focus on relations, communication and coordination with international networks and partner organisations around the world. Its open ambition should be to bring as many international opportunities and offers into FDF as possible. It should spread information about those offers as wide and far as possible within the organisation, so every member has the possibility to take advantage of it.


International Forum's collaboration with other organizations also provides a framework for the Arena and FDF main board to be inspired by other organizations' methods and experiences with children and youth work.


The forum should function as an open platform that gives young people in FDF the opportunity to get involved and contribute in different ways and levels.

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