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Amsterdam City Challenge

A troubled 2nd edition of the city challenge saw 123 participants in 18 teams

The Patro team from the organisation Patro in Belgium won the main event, with Team Barbie (from FDF) won the side quests section of the competition. 

The hunt for the golden tulip saw teams race across the city

From the 4th to 7th of November 2022 saw 18 teams from different countries join us in Amsterdam on the hunt for the golden tulip.


The first day involved three battle areas where teams could meet up and take on challenges, some of these required speed, puzzle solving, visiting landmarks and problem solving. After a break for dinner, the teams met in a park to visit posts and play large games against each other.

In the morning teams traded their points to buy and sell tulips on the stock market simulating a period of dutch history where the tulips stock market crashed. They also were hunting other teams to get their own banner back and trading for clues to find a secret agent in the central station who needs a pass phrase to release the golden tulip to the winning team.

As this was going on, the teams took part in optional side quests posted during the travel times between the battle areas.

The logistics struggled to keep up with the speed of the program which along with other challenges in the organising process has led to the international forum to revisit the concept of city challenges.

The Small Print


It is not possible to sign up for this event. 


Project leader: Morten Sigaard

This event is created by FDF CrossCulture

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