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EuroTraining 23

Advanced training for leaders in youth organisations who would like to become international trainers and be a part of creating international events.

A more advanced leader training course with an international twist.

EuroTraining is FIMCAP Europes "Train the trainer" course. It is an advanced course looking to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to create an international activity. 

Participants will be able pick between two tracks, one focusing on writing Erasmus+ funding applications and budget, while the other focuses on the other parts of project management. 

We will be staying in a very traditional atmospheric camp close to Helsinki where you will get to know the approx 50 leaders from different organisations from around Europe, who are also in the process of planning international events.

Participants will get the most out of the course if they come with an international event in mind that they are looking to plan. Otherwise we walk you through the steps of planning with a hypothetical event.


Above is a draft program for the event, which will be filled out more when we get closer to the event, but you can get an idea of the topics we will cover. 

The course is created by FIMCAPs pool of trainers, which is a working group that consists of a group of experienced international trainers.

The Small Print


12th - 16th October 2023. Both the 12th and the 16th are travel days, leaving 3 full days of program. 


Participants profile:

All participants are aged 18+ years old. They are already leaders in their organisation and either have been involved in creating larger events or want to soon be able to create larger events. It is unlikely that this is their first international experience. 

FDF has a limited number of spots for this course. The first to sign up will get the spots. There is a participation fee of 375kr.

Registration deadline: 1st October 2023

Venue: Southern Finland, between Turku and Helsinki.

To register for this event as an FDFer, use the FDF website


If you have more questions, contact the captains of FIMCAPs pool of trainers,

Stephen Holway or Adric Constantinou-Etheredge or

This event is created by Fimcap's Pool of trainers


Organisations covered by the funds:
AGLT Romania
IKE Transylvania
Compass Ukraine

FDF Denmark

KjG Germany

AESKTH Iceland

LNK Finland

Chiro Flanders

Le Patro Belgium

ZAK Malta

Atetis Lithuania

eRko Slovakia

MCECC Catalonia


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