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Team Games

Compete in a global VM by playing 6 fun little games in an FDF evening. Submit your answers before the end of April and find out where you stand in the world

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Join a global
for tumlinge and pilte

The International Team Games is an annual event for the Tumlinge / Pilte age group and is open to groups throughout the world.

Teams of six Tumlinge / Pilte children compete in six team games which require minimal equipment and preparation, all on a date and at a location convenient to you.

Information for the 2023-2024 Juniors International Team Games is available here: 


This competition is styled as Junior Section international team games, as in FDF style organisations around the world, they all have an age group 8 - 11 years old called Juniors.

Last years results can be found here, but you have to go back to 2016 to find the last time an FDF group entered.

If you have any questions please email or visit the website for the ITG

(in the form, Company = circle name)

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The Small Print


To enter the International Team Games, simply download the games and submit your scores to the organisers:

Boys' Brigade UK BEFORE the end of April 2024


  1. Each game must be witnessed by a judge who is NOT a member of your circle. For example this could be a parent, a leader from a different circle or a member of your church.

  2. Games may be practiced beforehand.

  3. Results can only be accepted from one attempt of each game. The judge must be told beforehand which attempt will be the ‘entry’ one. After this the game should not be re-attempted.

  4. A team is made up of six tumlinge / pilte members. The six may be changed for different games.

  5. During the games all six team members must take part in the activity, having a similar amount of participation during each activity. No one player(s) can be allowed to dominate a game to try and increase the scores of the team.

  6. Multiple entries from circles are permitted. Where multiple entries are submitted, teams should be marked A, B or C etc. (e.g. Aarhus 4, Team A).

Deadline: End of April 2024

This event is organised by Boys' Brigade UK

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