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If you are a member of FDF over the age of 15 yrs, you are welcome to join the international forum and help create the portal through which FDF members can access many varied international opportunities.

Join the International Forum

The forum is made up of people from all different backgrounds and ages. Diversity is our strength. 

The forum oversees various aspects of FDF's international work. This includes managing the CrossCulture brand, representing FDF in various meetings of our international networks, creating the series of City Challenge events, and in general promote international activities and cooperation within FDF.

To read the mandate and see what the forum actually does, read the about section at the top.

The forum is moving away from monthly meetings on weekday evenings to less frequent meetings over a weekend to allow for members from all corners in the country and for some of the forums work to be completed over the weekend, enable the forum members to socialise and build their networks. 

The Small Print


Participants profile:

All participants are aged 15+ years old. They can communicate in English and are open to helping create opportunities for others.

Registration deadline: none


contact us

The forum are the guardians of the CrossCulture brand

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