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FDF Landslejr
National Camp

Every 5 years FDF gathers around 11,000 young people and their leaders for a giant camp, or Landslejr. We have a strong history of welcoming around 500 international participants. Will you bring your local group to Denmark for National Camp 2026?

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FDF has been holding national camps for nearly 100 years!



FDF invites youth organisations who are connected to us through FIMCAP, European Fellowship and Global Fellowship to take part in our next National Camp, in early July 2026.

Would you and your group like to be a part of the 10 days long FDF national camp, which takes place in beautiful surroundings, gathering more than 10.000 national as well as international participants in one big camp?


There will be lots of great activities, competitions, fun games, outdoor life and entertainment as well as thousands of new friends, just waiting for you to get to know them. In FDF we value a global perspective and therefore invite members from our worldwide partnering organizations to join us at the national camp

The logistics of 11,000 people

Every international local group is paired up with an FDF local group. Every local group is given a set space according to how many participants they have, that means you share the space with the FDF group you are paired with.

Some groups sleep in tents, some build shelters, some build houses with 2 floors! We build everything with poles of wood and rope, so it can appear quickly and disappear just as quick on the last day. That way, when we leave the campsite there is nothing left but footprints!

The Small Print



Early July 2026, Sletten, Jutland (Central Denmark)

VISA - It is important to know whether you need a visa to visit Denmark. The Danish diplomatic service is very bad at issuing visas in time, so you need to apply for a visa at least 3 months before the camp. This is not just a precaution, we have lots of experience with this and many disappointed participants who did not get visas in time.

Getting to camp is a logistical puzzle that we will help you with. Some larger groups hire buses, which we have space to park for the camp and the drivers go home. Some groups plan an extra few days before or after to visit Denmark while they are here (Legoland, Copenhagen etc). Some coordinate closely with their host FDF group to arrange to arrive with them (all the local FDF groups will travel from where they usually meet every week, and arrive as a local group).


The nearest town with a train station is Ry. The nearest airport is Billund, but the public transport connections to the camp from there is painful.

Number of places: We place a limit on the participants from Chiro Flanders as we would like to ensure a mix of international participants from different countries (there has previously been 200 - 350 Chiro participants).

Price per person: Previously the camp has been around €135, with subsidies for participants from less economically privilaged countries. This price includes all accommodation, food and activities for the event. There are various corner shops selling snacks, sweets and ice cream, as well as an outdoor equipment store established on camp.

If you have more questions, contact FDFs International Secretary Rasmus Bach Ottosen

Fill in the form below if you would like to hear more details when they are released.

This event is created by FDF

The camp is created by 44 different committees, and one of those is LLIU, or National Camp International Committee.

This group of volunteers will oversee all the adjustments needed for international participants to be able to take part on the same level as the Danish young people in the camp. It often consists of experienced FDFers and also international leaders who have experienced the camp before as an international participant.

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