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THRIVE - Youth Leader
course and camp

Young leaders from all around the world gather in the Carribean to exchange experiences, learn new games and build new contacts in both a training course and camp.


FDF is part of the worldwide network "Global Fellowship of Christian Youth"

This umbrella has regional networks.

FDF is an active part of Global and European Fellowship.

Want to experience a Caribbean national camp a global training course?

The offer includes two events. Thrive training course and Caribbean regional camp.


First there is Thrive. 

Thrive is a GF international course for young leaders from Global Fellowship member organisations. Here you will meet young leaders from all across the world and spend some great days together!

The programme consists of both formal sessions e.g. workshop, games, discussions, and more informal social events where you will have the possibility to get to know each other across organisations and countries.

Second there is a pan Caribbean camp with 200 people, staying in a hostel with leaders and young people from 12 yrs and up. This is a traditional camp with exercise in the morning, marching bands and parades. And when that fun is over, it also has all the activities you expect to find at a camp too.

After the course you will:
gain an understanding of cultural diversity, and how to work effectively in cross-cultural settings developing leadership skills, including effective communication, team-building,
conflict resolution, and decision-making learn how to connect with the wider community and find ways to serve and share the Christian message in relevant ways

International background

FDF is part of a worldwide network, Global Fellowship. This is a collection of 70 organisations in countries all around the world. 

Holger Tornøe visited The Boys' Brigade in Scotland before founding FDF in 1902. He was inspired by the discipline but also interpreted the parades and marching as role play and games. 

All the youth organisations attending are Boys' and or Girls' Brigades. FDF and the brigades have a shared history with the founder of FDF visiting the Boys' Brigade in Scotland and basing the start of FDF on that youth work model.

The Brigades have a heavy use of discipline and drill (marching) to attract young people to their youth organisation, and it's extremely popular.


The Small Print


14th to 21st July Thrive leadership training

21st to 31st July, Caribbean regional camp

We depart Copenhagen airport at 6am on the 12th July, so expect the team to stay overnight the night before in Copenhagen so we can start to get to know each other and ensure we arrive on time. On arrival in Trinidad we will take the ferry (like the Molslinjen) to Tobago and stay with families of local participants for a couple of days.

FDF CrossCulture will provide a team leader to book flights etc and manage the team from FDF. There are 10 spaces for FDFers on this event.

Price per person: 12,000kr

Deltagerudgiften dækker fly, samt ophold og transport på destinationen. Samt overnatning i København inden afrejse. Deltagerne betaler selv for transport til/fra København, eventuelle vaccinationer, rejseforsikring, lommepenge.

This event is open to all genders. Registration deadline: 30th May 2024


If you have more questions, contact one of the two team leaders: Adric Constantinou-Etheredge or

This event is created by Global Fellowship

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