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World Camp 2025

21 days camping in South America engaging in local projects together with young people around the world. See Chile, meet Chileans and make friends like you never could without FDF.


Spend 3 weeks with 50 young people from around the world

The plan for the world camp:

January 6-7 (Travel days) 

Arrival in Chile at Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago de Chile and transfers from Santiago to Los Ángeles (Eighth Region).

January 8 to 11 :

World Camp Opening Ceremony.

Initial stage: getting to know the country and the participants.

January 12 to 14:

Sharing in the local JUPACH camps.

January 15 to 19:

First stage community activities in two locations (Los Angeles and Concepcion).

January 20:

Team transfers (Los Angeles and Concepción). Rotation of activities

January 21 to 25:

Second stage community activities.

January 26th:

Rest and outing to tourist attraction.

January 27-28:

Conclusions and lessons learned.

Closing ceremony (afternoon-evening).

January 29th

Departure of participants to Santiago de Chile airport.

Experience summer in Chile

This offer has three seperate residential events. You need to attend all three. 

  • First there is a preparatory week in Catalonia (Spain) Autumn 2024
    This is for all the European participants of the world camp. Here you will begin the process of getting to know some of the participants and get a firmer grasp on what will happen.

  • Then in January there is the World Camp for 3 weeks.

  • Lastly there is a follow up seminar for the European participants, which will be hosted by FDF at Silkeborg Højskole in spring 25.

The World Camp

Chile is a long and narrow country located in western South America. It is the southernmost country in the world.

It is bordered to the north by Peru, to the east by Bolivia and Argentina, to the south by the South Pole (Chilean Antarctic Territory) and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The camp would take place in the eighth region Bio Bio. Central South of the country, where the largest number of Jupachino groups (JUPACH is the national youth organisation that is a member of FIMCAP and hosting the event.)

When we have more information, we will put it here.


The Small Print



PREP SEM             Autumn 2024

CAMP 6th              January to 29th January 2025

FOLLOW UP SEM Spring 2025

Participants profile:

All participants are aged 20 to 30 years old. They can communicate in English and are open to trying new things, sharing their experience and expertease as a youth leader.

We have five spaces for FDF participants.

Registration deadline Unknown


If you have more questions, contact us

This event is hosted by Jupach, Chile 

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