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Seminar for International Committees Of Youth Organisations. This is a seminar organised by FIMCAP Europe to gather the international committee leadership from their member organisations to inspire each other with our different areas of successes and challenges.


An opportunity to share our successes and challenges in the work of promoting international activities in youth organisations

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SICOYO, or "The Seminar for International Committees Of Youth Organisations" is an intiative of FIMCAP Europe to bring together key volunteers who are active in youth organisations international committees. The FIMCAP pool of trainers have taken up the task to create this seminar. 

There is a big need after covid to reconnect the networks. Some organisations have completely disconnected from the various umbrellas FDF is active in, and without direct action we cannot expect this situation to reverse.


When we gather for our statutory meetings we often don't have enough time to discuss how things are going in any depth, it is often relegated to the social time. We also tend to see the same people around the table, and when some individuals leave the organisation we lose the network connection as well. 


Our organisational connections ARE our personal connections and our cooperation across organisations can be reinforced with better networking.


FDF proposed that FIMCAPs Pool of Trainers create a 4 day event (Tuesday - Sunday including travel days) where international committees can gather in a desirable location to discuss everything about international committees, including:

  • Recruiting volunteers to your international committee

  • Structure of international work, how often you meet, in what format

  • Challenges you are experiencing and brainstorm together on solutions

  • How to reach grass roots members to advertise international opportunities

  • Funding - where to go to get funding, how different European funding bodies work

  • How to get the most out of your membership with Fimcap and/or EF

  • Cheese evening


We are confident we can get this funded by Erasmus+ to remove finance as a barrier. MCECC have confirmed the venue and will host us on Mallorca. 


FIMCAP Europe agreed to participate in this when it was presented at the Bureau Meeting in Namur Feb 2023. European Fellowship agreed to participate when it was presented at their AGM Oct 23. The EF organisation that want to be involved will need to register their organisations with Erasmus+ if they want to join.


At the FIMCAP Fab Five weekend in Denmark March 23, this draft timetable was created and the concept worked out a bit more to give organisations an idea of what would be on offer during the seminar.

It is hoped this seminar could also be used to help organisations who are looking to establish a new international committee, learning from experience of more traditional structure... and in turn those more traditional structure could benefit from stepping back and looking at their work with the fresh eyes of peoples asking "why are you doing it this way".


The Small Print


Application links have been sent out to member organisations of FIMCAP Europe and European Fellowship. The number of spaces per organisation varies but it is open to discussion.

The event: 29th October to 3rd November 2024

Registration deadline 30th June 2024

Participants profile:

All participants are members of youth organisations. On top of that they are engaged in the international work of their organisation. Most will be members of their organisations international committee / commission / department / section or looking to create something similar to that.

FDF will send members of the international forum. Here are more details if you want to join the international forum.

Venue: Mallorca, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean, where the FIMCAP member organisation, MCECC has a hostel, Binicanella, Bunyola


If you have more questions, contact the course leader Adric Constantinou-Etheredge or

This event is created by Fimcap's Pool of trainers


For organisations to be able to apply, they need to be registered with the Erasmus+ program and a part of the funding application created by FIMCAPs pool of trainers


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